Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill girl 653On 31 August we had the grandchildren to stay, so we decided to take them to visit Golders Hill Park. We had not been to Golders Hill for donkeys years, and I had forgotten just how good it is.

Golders general 607




The first big surprise to find that it is all mown, which makes a welcome change from the rest of the Heath, which looks very scraggy in its unmown state. It also meant that people can walk and sit down and have family parties all over it, which is what they were doing. The children loved it


Golders gardens 611


To one side is the  formal garden, magnificently maintained. Originally it was the garden of the house that formerly stored on the site of the modern cafeteria


Golders stumpery 616


A new feature is the ‘Stumpery’,  a collection of stumps of trees where all sorts of worms and other creatures can grow. Apparently such stumperies were popular in Victorian gardens

Golders hide and seek 618


However, for the children, it was a splendid place for hide and seek


Golders dance floor 631


A  popular feature is this modern art Fantasia – or  is it simply a huge concrete pipe joint that has been abandoned here? But the children made it into a dancing floor, while some tried to climb up the side.

.Golders climbing 627


Here my granddaughter is trying to climb up a vertical wall, which somehow proved rather beyond her.

Golders climbing frame639


There is also a proper climbing frame which is very popular

Golders zoo 647


Here we see one of the pond features in the small small zoo, populated with rare ducks and other animals.

Golders Hill girl 653


However, the most popular feature is this is very sexy sculpture called Golders Green girl. She is the work of the sculptor Patricia Finch: I can find out nothing about her apart from the fact that her dates were apparently 1921 to 2000.

But she is very sexy, and one can see by the places where the bronze is worn how popular it is for children and indeed lovers to sit on her and enjoy her charms.

She is a great success and one of the main features of the park.



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