New Year 2013

A new day, a New Year! It’s 2013 and the weather has changed, at least for the day.

The weather for the latter half of 2012 can be characterised by one word: rain. The first half of the year was dry and the water authorities even issued a hosepipe ban. Almost as soon as it was issued, it began to rain,  and it seems to have been raining ever since. We in London escaped the worst of it – as usual the West Country has had continuous reports of flooding. Even so, it has been pretty wet here, and the ground is sodden. But on New Year’s Day, 1 January, the Sun decided to shine and shone almost continuously so we went out at midday and had a brisk walk over to the heath, starting at Parliament Hill and then over to the tumulus.

Here is a photo of the view of the City from Parliament Hill. I have never seen so much mud in the foreground. I suspect that last night, New Year’s Eve there was probably a big crowd up here to see the New Year in and to watch the fireworks. We watched the fireworks from our upstairs window and there was certainly a fine display.


And here is a photo in the opposite direction looking over to Highgate. Again see the mud– I do hope it recovers by the summer.


My favourite picture of the stand of – are they beech trees? They look beautifully gaunt in the winter.

And walking across to the tumulus there were even some people sitting on the benches in the sun, enjoying the brief glimpse of the winter sun.


I hope there’s going to be some more sun in the New Year – global warming roll on. Politically the news so far in 2013 has been disappointing. America was supposed to fall over a fiscal cliff  which would raise taxes, cut spending, and send America and probably the world into recession. I am sorry this did not happen, Governments around the world have overspent and must cut back, the sooner the better. I would rather have one year of a proper recession and then bounce back, rather than as I suspect have another 10 years of with no recession – but no growth either. I fear we are in for a gloomy 10 years. Still, I should not bring politics into what is meant to be a happy blog.

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