Kenwood under scaffolding

Kenwood is to be refurbished. Apparently it’s almost been falling down:  the roof needs repairing, the front stucco needs to be redone,  and goodness knows what they are doing to the interior. Most of the fabulous pictures have been this is taken away and sent to America on a touring exhibition which apparently is doing very well —- and so it should, for there are some fabulous pictures in the collection at Kenwood

Anyway, today is the sun was shining — a welcome change from our dreadful summer — so we decided to go for a long walk across the Heath  to see what was happening to Kenwood. The results as you can see, are amazing.  The whole house has been enveloped in a sort of modernistic architectural monstrosity



Kenwood  panorama







It was a glorious day, and this stitched-together picture shows something of the setting beside it.



Kenwood scaffolding from  sideWhen one approaches close up,  the scaffolding looks particularly futuristic





Kenwood pond The view from the house down towards the ponds was particularly fine, with the trees  in gorgeous colour encircling the ponds.





The view from the east shows the meadows in all their glory,  the grass a bright green after all the recent rains.




The house will remain closed until the autumn of 2013. When it reopens I shall look forward to seeing what they have done to the inside,  and hope that the paintings have come back safe and sound from their journey across the Atlantic.

Apparently many museums and art galleries in America are prepared to pay to host a travelling exhibition and so the takings will help to pay for what must be the huge costs of all the repairs,  and dare one say it,  rebuilding.



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