Kenwood revamped



Kenwood house after 126Kenwood has just been revamped. It had been closed  for two years –it needed a new roof:  so how does it look? Continue reading Kenwood revamped

Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill girl 653On 31 August we had the grandchildren to stay, so we decided to take them to visit Golders Hill Park. We had not been to Golders Hill for donkeys years, and I had forgotten just how good it is.
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New Monster

Hampstead city 13 Jan 13There’s a new monster in the city emerging on the horizon!




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New Year 2013

A new day, a New Year! It’s 2013 and the weather has changed, at least for the day.

The weather for the latter half of 2012 can be characterised by one word: rain. The first half of the year was dry and the water authorities even issued a hosepipe ban. Almost as soon as it was issued, it began to rain,  and it seems to have been raining ever since. We in London escaped the worst of it – as usual the West Country has had continuous reports of flooding. Continue reading New Year 2013

Kenwood under scaffolding

Kenwood is to be refurbished. Apparently it’s almost been falling down:  the roof needs repairing, the front stucco needs to be redone,  and goodness knows what they are doing to the interior. Most of the fabulous pictures have been this is taken away and sent to America on a touring exhibition which apparently is doing very well —- and so it should, for there are some fabulous pictures in the collection at Kenwood
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At the beginning of February, it snowed,  and the Heath became a winter wonderland.






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Gloomy winter, bright winter

Today has been a lovely bright sunny day, but very cold. I went out on the Heath to take some photos. The air was wonderfully crisp.


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The Freud Museum

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Today has been the first crisp, cold, day of the winter. The sun was shining brightly so I decided to go over to the Freud Museum which I had never been to before. It is situated in Maresfield Gardens, on what is to me the other side of Hampstead, the Finchley Road side.


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Hello World, Hello Hampstead!

Blog saluting 539I have been living in Hampstead for over 40 years now,  enjoying the wonderful Heath, exploring its highways and byways and its fascinating history.

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